One More Year Till a Teenager!

“Laughter is the spark of the soul”

I always try to take each of my kids out for a special birthday shoot sometime around their birthday!  Allison turned 12 last December, and we were able to have an outing over the Christmas holidays to do her shoot.  I have to thank my friend Michelle B., for the fabulous location suggestion.  It’s always fun to find new places, and even though it’s a little bit of a drive for us, Allison said it was TOTALLY worth it.  I couldn’t agree more.  She has always been my child that really loves to be photographed, and she is a true natural in front of the camera.  I love everything about these pictures…the setting, her outfit, the hat, her red hair, and the way the sun was coming in behind her.  She has gotten so tall over the past year, and she really looks grown up in these pictures.  She can hardly wait to get to age 13, so she can be a teenager.  For me, even though each stage is exciting, it’s very bittersweet to watch her grow up.  This age is reminding me how quickly time flies, and I can see so many milestones that are not that far away.  With each stage and each change, I continue to be thankful for her sweet and loving personality and for the fact that she wants me around so much.  I’m still welcome and encouraged to eat lunch at school with her and chaperone her field trips.  Allison displays maturity beyond her years in so many different areas, and I am always so proud of her.  From student, to friend, to soccer player, to flute player, to artist, and most importantly to Christian, she gives everything 100% and loves unconditionally.  I think my favorite quality she possesses is her love for life.  Everything is exciting, her enthusiasm is contagious, and she has the wonderful ability to bring laughter into everyone’s day.  I’m so blessed to call her my daughter!

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