What to Wear

What to wear??  This is one of the biggest questions people have about their session, and it can be hard to coordinate your wardrobe in a photo shoot.  It is also a fun part of the process!  Here are some tips that will help you in your selections.

Use existing resources.  You can find many examples of great wardrobe choices on Pinterest.  In Pinterest you can use search terms like “what to wear” or “senior photo inspiration” and come up with great ideas of what other people have put together! You may not see something that works for you perfectly, but it will often give you a great starting point.

Don’t match too closely!  What you want to do is coordinate.   Start by choosing a color group or category.  Examples of color groups would be: pastels, deep colors, primary colors, earth tones, etc.

Stay away from loud patterns and graphics unless it’s just on one person and is partly covered by a jacket or vest.  A little pattern can be very effective in a shoot, but just make sure it doesn’t draw the attention away from your face.

Accessories, layers, and textures like demin, leather, and fur are great and can really add so much to your pictures.  Belts, scarves, vests, necklaces, headbands, hats, boots, etc. are wonderful ways to add some variety and dimension to your photos.

Most importantly make sure you wear clothes that you feel good in!  Feel free to discuss your wardrobe options with me.  I love the fashion part of photography and would love to consult with you and offer advice on your choices.

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